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Mikael Svanström

Official Website of award-winning screenwriter and author of the Posthuman series


Mikael Svanström in a photo of a time traveller visiting Victorian London as imagined by Midjourney. 

Meet Mikael Svanström, award winning screen writer and author of the Posthuman books, THE GOD DRUG, THE GOD VIRUS and the upcoming MAN AMONGST GODS.

As an IT futurist and 3rd degree black belt, the combination of cutting edge technology and martial art, wrapped in a tech noir narrative about the future of mankind felt very natural. Or as one of his readers stated:


“Be ready to delve into a mind of the future possibilities of humanity! This book is so off the charts that unless you have a concept of what the human race's future could become it will give it to you, whether you want it or not!” - Ryan Ohashi,

His first book was a humoristic non fiction providing the male view of struggling with infertility and the industry of childbirth.

He’s hard at work writing the third and final book in the Posthuman series, but since he has more ideas than focus, he’s also working on a graphic novel suggesting a whole new take on mental disorders and the paranormal. To make matters even worse, he’s also plotting a book asking a very simple question: Can you inherit evil?





(Posthuman book 1)

A mass-market drug promised to boost intelligence. The world embraced it and soon everyone was a genius - but only for a while. The long-term effects crippled world societies, but a select few experienced much greater changes, becoming more than human.

The God Virus - cover image only flatten


Posthuman book 2)

In the wake of the posthuman war, a new threat emerges.

An artificial consciousness of unknown origin takes over the worldwide networks and starts hacking humankind, threatening to end civilisation as we know it.

The Warrior of the Black Mirror_v4_paperback cover_front.jpg


(Crimson Warrior book 1)

Joel and Erin longed for a time when all they had to worry about was school, bullies, and birthdays. Instead they are caught in the Intersect.


To survive, they must journey through fantastic worlds battling creatures both real and imagined, guided by a private investigator from countless black and white movies. If they fail, the world as we know it will end!

Getting Pregnant COVER hires.jpg


A Husband's Tale

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…or trying to conceive.”

Getting Pregnant the Hard Way is the hilarious tale of a five-year journey through fertility and infertility... from a man’s perspective.


This is a riveting debut thriller from Svanstrom. With great plotting, pace and characterization, Svanstrom creates a world that is scary yet plausible in the not to distant future. I was kept guessing right up until the last page. Loved every moment of it. I can't wait for the next instalment.

What if there was a pill that made you the smartest person around. A pill that made you feel invincible. In Mikael Svanström's new book "THE GOD DRUG" examines a world were everyone is a genius, but the consequences could spell the end of the human race.

A really good insight the the hilarious pyschy of the male mind and what their perspective is on getting pregnant and having to go through IVF.

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