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"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…or trying to conceive.” 

Mikael has mutant, banjo-playing sperm which couldn’t fertilise an egg even if it came down to the testicle and sat on their heads. He doesn’t think his wife blames him for it, but he still feels inadequate – "having useless balls is about as bad as having no balls at all", he says.

Getting Pregnant the Hard Way is the hilarious tale of a five-year journey through fertility and infertility...from a man’s perspective. Mikael doesn’t set himself up as an expert on infertility or pregnancy – quite the opposite – and he doesn’t push any particular way to get pregnant. He simply tells the story of the rollercoaster he and his wife went through trying to conceive and give birth to their two beautiful daughters (No! He gave the ending away!). 

Anyone who has tried to conceive will laugh their way through this book. Whichever way they did it!

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