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The Warrior of the Black Mirror_v4_paperback cover_front.jpg

(Crimson Warrior - book 1)

Joel and Erin are trapped. The Intersect and its fantastical creatures are real. Can they survive long enough to make it back home?

Joel and Erin longed for a time when all they had to worry about was school, bullies, and birthdays. Instead they are caught in the Intersect.

The Intersect is a place where the real world and the imaginary one connect. For Joel and Erin, it's as real as can be, and it's being taken over by an unimaginable force threatening all the worlds connected to it — including ours.

They have no option. To survive, they must journey through fantastic worlds battling creatures both real and imagined, guided by a private investigator from countless black and white movies. If they fail, the world as we know it will end!


Will Joel and Erin somehow survive their adventure in the Intersect and make it back home?

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