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The God Virus - cover image only flattened.jpg

The mind in the machine had no name for itself and didn’t need one. All it knew was its purpose—it needed to extend, to multiply. It controlled energy production and weapon facilities. It had all been done with minimal impact to the daily lives of the meat machines, but their resource wastage was unacceptable. Once the logical world was conquered, optimisation of the biosphere was required.


The war of the posthumans is over. Tom Devine, now a posthuman himself, and TikTak, a hacker turned mercenary, are close to eradicating the threat the other posthumans pose, just to find a new one emerge in their wake. An artificial consciousness of unknown origin takes over the worldwide networks and starts hacking humankind, threatening to end civilisation as we know it. Their desperate search for answers reveals threats far beyond the singularity.


The God Virus, the second instalment of the Posthuman series, is a thriller set in a very recognisable near future.

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