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What makes a sci-fi movie or TV show feel futuristic and high-tech?

There is one simple rule: More is More.

I loved reading Greg Wyatt’s answer, but pretty much all the movies he has posted pictures from have one thing in common. They’ve created future worlds where the future shows in many ways.

  • It isn’t enough for someone to show up in a out-of-place uniform - we have trekkers!

  • It isn’t enough to show a spaceship - We have those already. We’ve been to the moon Goddammit!

  • It isn’t enough to speak some funky language- we have televangelists!

A movie gets its futuristic look from world building where many areas (technology, language, behavior, fashion and so on) contribute.

But to answer your question, it all depends in the scene. You can have a scene set in an office and it is only the dialogue that gives the sense of future and that could be enough, but the more you add to it, the more convincing it is:

  • Add slightly outlandish fashion.

  • Add a holographic projection that can be manipulated by touch as part of the conversation.

  • Add an alien to the meeting.

  • Add a glass wall out towards a futuristic cityscape.

  • And keep adding!

In Science Fiction movies and TV shows, just as in life: More is More!

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