Short Film Scripts


This section collects short film scripts I've written over the years. Some have been produced, some are stuck in development hell and some are still looking for a director/producer to sink their creative teeth into them.

Men Infertile Anonymous

There are anonymous groups for pretty much anything; Alcoholics, Sex addicts, little furry animal squashers. You name it, they've got an anonymous group to help you out. So what about us poor Infertile men? Don't we deserve one too?

This script was written as a promotional effort for the book Getting Pregnant the Hard Way. It was supposed to turn into a film and it just never happened. 



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Masturbation Room Blues

For us infertile men attempting to have a family there is a horror beyond words and it is called the Masturbation Room. I wrote this script as a promotional short film for the book - Getting Pregnant the Hard Way - but it was rejected by the publisher as being in poor taste. Were they right? You be the judge...


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Pig in Mud

A light hearted look at pets and what you go through to ensure their safety. Remember, Toilets and pets do not mix (if it isn't a pet alligator, that is).


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Cash Cow

Two crooks scam old ladies by pretending to be insurance agents. When one of their victims seem to scam the public by having people donate double the sum she lost, the two crooks feel that they need to set things right.

They return, this time pretending to be a camera team to give her yet another public donation. They find the money, but there is more to the old lady than they originally thought.

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The Music of Chance

Music has power. What if the soundtrack of our lives chose what happened to us instead of the other way around?  


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The Wriggles

For all you new parents out there. Don't you absolutely and completely hate the Wiggles? God, they annoy me to no end and as I have no other way of dealing with my frustration - at the moment I don't have a psychiatrist...perhaps I should get one - is to write a script about it.

Take that Wiggles!

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The Greed Trilogy - Three scripts, the second one made into an awardwinning short film, exploring greed and how it can bring people together, tear them apart and ultimately be redeemed.

Greed -  Dominic, a nightclub owner and the occasional drug dealer, is not happy. His last deal went horribly wrong and by all indications, Mandy – one of his many women, at least had something to do with it. It was the first deal with a new seller, Mark, a small time drug dealer, and his partner Paolo. Greed brings the three together as the deal begins to unravel.

"3" - The ghost of Mark watches with dismay as a couple he knows intimately makes love. The man is Paolo his former partner in crime and the woman is Mandy his former lover. Frustrated, Mark thinks back to his death, trying to determine what went wrong.

Redemption - This is the final part of the Greed trilogy. The first part told the story of how the Paolo, Mark and Mandy met. The second part told the story of how they betrayed each other, resulting in their deaths. The third part tells the story of how they find redemption as the money that began it all find its way to Paolo's grandmother.

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The Barbeque

The noble art of the barbeque is one of the few skills nowadays that passes from father to son, but do the female population in our western society understand how sacred this skill transfer is?


Art is War

An art aficionado enters the museum as he has many times before. This time a painting speaks to him in a way he has never felt before. He has to have it. He rips it off the wall and escapes with the museum guards in hot pursuit.

Art and War carry many of the same denominators. Art, just like war, is an assault. War a physical assault, art an assault on the senses. At the end though, art is unlike war in a very specific and important way


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Have you ever wondered what it all is about? Why do we strive to school/work/the unemployment agency every morning? Could there be an alternative? A place where life is different?


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