Placenta is used in so many products I stopped counting after a while. I wouldn’t have thought naming a product something like 'Magic Placenta Shampoo' would be smart marketing move, but that shows how much I know. The word 'placenta' seems to have an almost magical property – at least in the world of natural medicine. Exactly what makes it better than, say, a multivitamin and mineral capsule is a conundrum that I will leave to others to explore.

Here are a few examples:

Most of us don’t have a steady access to fresh placentas, so when we feel a daily need to rub a placenta on our face (or other parts of our body) we have a number of products to help us out:

  • Placenta Face Cream -
  • Magic Placenta Soap which apparently not only unwrinkles your skin but also whitens it.

Of course we also have the placenta capsules (which really belongs under the heading PlacentaPhagophobia, but I pride myself on being consistently inconsistent):

And to finish off this section, how about:

  • Placenta Injections – This is about as freaky as it gets. It seems wealthy people head off to Switzerland to get injected with Placenta extract for rejuvenation at about $20,000 a pop. I struggled to find any reputable sites about this, so if anyone can shed light on this, please email me.