What is this site about anyway?

Ok…enough of that third person stuff - it's Mikael here.

I know there are plenty of sites out there telling you about false contractions, mucus by the bucketful, hormonal drugs and all that stuff, but let me tell you a badly kept secret...They are written by women for women about women.

Women. Women. Women.

The whole fertility and pregnancy industry is just littered with women, along with a small number of guys who thought it would be great to stare at vaginas all day, so they became gynaecologists (think of them as video store clerks with an education).

My book, Getting Pregnant the Hard Way, is the counterweight to all those sites and books. It is by men, for men and about men.

Actually it is about women, but that just wouldn’t have gotten the point across. However you turn this whole pregnancy and fertility thing, it is always ultimately about women, but that doesn’t mean we men can’t have an opinion.

We can watch sport from the couch and have opinions about our favourite sportsmen, so of course we should be allowed to watch the pregnancy from the couch and have opinions about our favourite wives.

We men have earned that right. We got them pregnant in the first place, after all. And that is where my argument falls down. My sperm - of which I can produce bucketfuls at a second's notice, thank you for asking - proved to be little mutant freaks whose only ability was to create a giant wet patch.

My book is about male infertility and struggling through IVF, natural fertility treatments and pregnancies. This site is a blatant attempt to get you to buy the book – and if you’ve already bought the book, it will give you some more of my questionable insights.



About the Author

Mikael Svanström has managed to go through a number of jobs that make him look unwise in the ways of the world. He has been a forklift driver at a brewery. He has been a test person for drugs. He has been a bartender. He has been unemployed and pretty happy about it. This is all in the distant past, as he is now a settled IT professional with two kids and a wife.

In between family and work he somehow manages to squeeze in some writing here and there, which so far has resulted in a number of short films (one even winning him an award for best script) and now the book Getting Pregnant the Hard Way.

Mikael is currently working on a number of other projects (books, films and games), some of which may even see the light of day.

Other parts of the web where he can be found:

  • Cash Cow and Pig In Mud - two short films based on Mikael's scripts - available on YouTube.
  • Mikael on IMDB - the Internet Movie Database.
  • Substance - site with a trailer for an upcoming short film based on Mikael's script (delayed).
  • MySpace - everyone has one of these pages, don't they?
  • FaceBook - and one of these too?
  • LinkedIn - perhaps more a day job related site, but here it is anyway...