Getting Pregnant the HARD Way - Uncut

The uncut version

I love to check out the Special Features on DVDs, so I thought I'd try to emulate that concept on these web pages. 

So here are the special features of the ‘Getting Pregnant the HARD way’ book, where I’ve collected snippets that either didn’t make the book because I came up with it too late, it wouldn’t print properly in the book or because the publishers didn’t like them.

Much like extras on a DVD, isn’t it?

Yoga for Beginners
My wife dragged me away to a yoga session. I'd long resisted, but thought I could score some points by finally giving in. So off I went to check out what all the fuss was about.

Thus starts a chapter in the book, which ends with a well-researched yoga training guide aptly named Yoga Schmoga.

"It is a sad person indeed who can only come up with one way to use a placenta.”

Placentophagy is the act of eating the placenta.

This is discussed at length in the book, but without the benefit of pictures, I don't feel you have the right appreciation for this subject. So here are a number of placenta-related products, recipes and other things guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of you.

Circumcise Your Child

Circumcision. It's a vexed question.

I never needed to worry about this whole thing when it came to my children as I had two girls and circumcising girls is butchery at its worst – and I think all but very backwards people (like people whose mother is also their aunt) would agree.

How to Read an Ultrasound
Ultrasound images don’t print up well in a regular book. You need fancy glossy paper for them and my book didn’t get that unfortunately, so all ultrasound images were cut out. So welcome to the glossy pages of this website…
Foetus Measurements for Blokes

I’ve always found it difficult to understand measurements if they are not based on something I can relate to and I assume everyone else is exactly like me.

So here is a measurement guide for what is going on in the mysterious belly that I think we can all relate to.