Getting Pregnant the HARD Way
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…or trying to conceive.”

Welcome to MIA: Men Infertile Anonymous.

We have a new face here tonight. His name is Mikael.

He has mutant, banjo-playing sperm which couldn’t fertilise an egg even if it came down to the testicle and sat on their heads. He doesn’t think his wife blames him for it, but he still feels inadequate – "having useless balls is about as bad as having no balls at all", he says.

Getting Pregnant the Hard Way is the hilarious tale of a five-year journey through fertility and infertility...from a man’s perspective. Mikael doesn’t set himself up as an expert on infertility or pregnancy – quite the opposite – and he doesn’t push any particular way to get pregnant. He simply tells the story of the rollercoaster he and his wife went through trying to conceive and give birth to their two beautiful daughters (No! He gave the ending away!). 

Anyone who has tried to conceive will laugh their way through this book. Whichever way they did it!

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Comments from Readers

It's such a wonderful thing you have done writing and publishing this book. It helped me enormously through my 2nd cycle of IVF. I can totally relate to many, many experiences your wife and yourself endured.

I can honestly say it was one of the best books I've EVER read!! I was really sad when I came to the end of it as I didn't want it to finish!! You are hilarious!! I'm such a fan now.I laughed so often throughout it and it put me in a much more positive frame of mind. It was my comfort during the down days.

I've got to say well done!!
Helenmac (from


Your book was read in record time,cover to cover within 36 hours of purchase, I just couldn't put it down.It was just like a carbon copy of us, and we wondered fleetingly if you had installed cameras in our home!

We are right in the middle of all "this" and your book has helped us immensely, knowing there are others going through almost identical situations.

Kind regards, Jim (via email)


 I read your book and it I loved it. Finally a book written by a male perspective. My Husband too just finished reading it the another night. The way your describe your journey and paths you took made it all worth while in the end. I felt like I was in your wife shoes as what happened to you is what happended to us...

I thought seeing the Natual therapist part was most enjoyable to read... Fancy having to do the exact opposite to acheive pregancy. I really enjoyed it, I don't have many friends who have gone down that path, but will certainly mantion it and pass on your details if and when I do..

Congrulations on your two bubs
Shantelle (from


I bought this book on a whim yesterday from Big W - literally... my DH was calling me, I just spotted this book, picked it up and bought it without even reading the back. I guess the PG man on the front cover caught my interest.

Anyway... it is BRILLIANT!!! It is written about getting PG from the husband's perspective, and I've been laughing practically throughout the whole book. Apart from the IVF bits, this couple sounds exactly like me and DH... which makes me think it probably sounds like every couple...


What is this site about anyway?

Ok…enough of that third person stuff - it's Mikael here.

I know there are plenty of sites out there telling you about false contractions, mucus by the bucketful, hormonal drugs and all that stuff, but let me tell you a badly kept secret...They are written by women for women about women.

Women. Women. Women.